Re: Why not 13 months?

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26 Jul 1995 01:52:08 +0200

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> :Stephen Souter <> wrote:
> :>The chief problem is that 13 happens to be a prime number. This makes it
> :>mathematically impossible to subdivide a year in any satisfactory fashion.
> :>You cannot even divide such a year into the customary four seasons and
> :>hope to come out with the same number of whole months in each season.
> :
> :Easy, you make autumn, winter and spring four months and summer
> :five. With more good weather, everyone will be happy. Except
> :those in the Southern hemisphere of course since our summer is
> :their winter.
> You know, it always upsets me when clever people, even someone like
> R.S.Thomas from one of my alma maters (UKC), assume that there are
> four seasons. Maybe for those of you lucky enough to live in climes
> whereblack flies are not the state bird, but here in Maine we get just
> two seasons, summer, which occurs on July 16 and part of the 17th,
> and winter which lasts the rest of the time. Unfortunately, it
> rained this summer, and we missed it.
> :)

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