Re: If god exists, what created god?

Anil Sharma (
25 Jul 1995 12:51:12 -0400

That depends. What create matter? The Universe? The Big Bang?
What was before the Big Bang? Matter and Energy - are they "really"
conserved? Is time really linear? Is it linear for all?

Virtually everything man sees has a begining, a middle and
a end. The only exception to this that comes to mind is
the concept of God. So does that mean God does not exists?
Does God exist in a particular place? Is God everywhere?
Is God anywhere?

The answer is: God exists only if one wants God to exist. Thus
until proven one way or the other, we can only imagine.

OuterNet43 ( wrote:
: I think that there is no real "GOD". Like the title says, I mean if there
: was a god, than who created him/her?



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