Re: Pyramid as Mensuration Standard

tim roy (
24 Jul 1995 20:09:35 -0400 (Whittet) writes:

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>>In article <3umqv3$>, (Whittet) writes:
>>> Because the Great Pyramid is the only one actually constructed as a standard
>>> of mensuration. The same proportions are not found on other pyramids.
>>> Steve
>>I may have missed something earlier, but what is it that shows or mentions
>>that the Great Pyramid was constructed as a "standard of mensuration?"

>A couple of other buildings mentioned as standards of measure are the temples of
>Delphi and Dodona, both of which have geodetic navels or omphalos consisting of
>an egg shaped stone covered with a net and flanked by pigeons which symbolises
>the intersection of lines of atitude and longitude as in the observatory at

Hmm... maybe I'm missing something. I can see how the egg shaped thing
might tie into mensuration, but what does that have to do with the
measurements? Did the ancient Egyption women use the pyramids to time there
menstural cycles? Sometimes you people seem to be grabbing for straws with
you're theories.

Tim "Tut Tut" Roy