Pacific islander's in Lat-am?

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> Subject: Pacific islander's in Lat-am?
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I posted this on soc.culture.latin-america but got no response, anyone
here have any comments?
> I'm curious to know if anyone has heard anything about a
> historical/anthropological link
> between Pacific Islander's who spread out among the various Island groups
> (?? to Society islands to the Marquesas to Hawaii, to ?? ). I'm wondering
> because my wife, upon seeing Polynesion artifacts in a museum here in
> Hawaii, exclaimed that they were VERY similar to items her father had
> uncovered in Panama (southern Azuero Peninsula) several years back. The
> peoples involved would have had to have traveled great distances, yet the
> voyages between the Marquesas and Hawaii prove this is possible and the
> currents (I believe) would favor a 'one way' trip towards central america
> (north from the Marquesas till the eastward equatorial current).
> I know this is quite different from the Idea that all the indigenous
> people came across a frozen and or exposed land bridge (Bering Straights)
> to populate this continent (s) in the precolombian era.
> Anyone have any comments (flames)?
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