Re: Strange Maths (was Re: Why not 13 months?)

*Alan Taylor* (
Mon, 24 Jul 1995 11:59:16 GMT (Whittet) wrote:

>I know of no examples in Egypt which date back to or precede the fourth
>Dynasty. Would you care to cite a few? There were also no examples of domestic
>draft animals that early in Egypt either.

>If you know of some evidence to the contrary I would like to hear about it.
For what it's worth :
"The categorical statements of some authorities that the wheel was not
known in the First and Second Dynasties is incorrect. Although the
use of the wheel was was by no means universal, it was nevertheless
widely used and pottery formed on a slow hand-turned wheel is fairly
Page 207 . Archaic Egypt WB Emery. Pelican ed.