Re: Who cares you sick Fuck

WebWalker (
Sat, 29 Jul 1995 08:14:49 GMT

Ramble <mybutt@give.reacharound.sht> wrote:

> Web Walker, who cares what I wrote. Who cares if I sign Rampage

You said it, WHO CARES WHAT YOU WROTE. Who gives a shit about you,
what you write, who you are, or even whether you exist or not?

"People" like you, hiding behind anon-remailers, with fake e-mail
addresses and the lot are the lowliest cowards on the 'Net. So who
gives a damn about you? Noone around here, I can assure you that!

Ramble/Rampage/Reamer (or whatever you prefer to call yourself), I
suggest you just take your keyboard and ram it up your ass (tell your
buddy to get out of there first though) and leave the 'Net to people
who dare post, and flame, giving their proper identities and return

So just piss off, coward.....


s. o. wendel --
----- the only sig i want is a p226 -----