Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

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29 Apr 1995 11:37:51 GMT

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: : : >The current consensus is that photons do not have mass, but I've heard of
: : : >ongoing research that asserts that photons may have a miniscule amount.
: : That reference merely places a lower "upper bound" on the photon mass than
: : previous experiments did. This is merely a reinforcement to the body of
: : data suggesting that the photon mass is zero within experimental tolerance.

: Zero and infinity are intellectual concepts. Neither has ever been observed.
: "Explaining" anything using zero and infinity is a popular game--also a
: most dangerous one, since the explainers often forget it is a game when
: they get paid for playing.

Infinity may well be an intellectual concept. Zero certainly isn't and is well
understood in many circimstances, where it merely means "does not have this
property" or "not applicable".

Zero cats are dogs.
Zero protons are electrons.