Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

Julian Assange (
29 Apr 1995 11:12:22 GMT

Ken Smith ( wrote:
: In article <>,
: Gil Hardwick <> wrote:

: >Further, what created the conditions for the big bang to occur in any
: >event?
: The big bang may have created its own conditions or no condition may be
: needed.

: >To assert that such an explosion JUST HAPPENED out of nothing defies
: >everything we know about explosions. And catastrophes.

: No it doesn't! In quantum physics things can just happen. We know that
: there is no need for a cause for the universe.

What ever is required to bring history into line with the current observable
state (that implies an observer) is all that is required. Obviously this
should not contain contridictions with the current observable state or itself.