Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

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28 Apr 1995 13:56:00 -0700

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>First of all, what gives you the evidence that most, or even much of the
>"black community" are denying anything? You are guilty, perhaps, of making a
>correlation without any real evidence.

Certainly no evidence that would stand-up in a court of law. %^)

You're right, I don't have hard data, only perceptions from what I see
around me. In fact, I'd love to be proven wrong about this. But consider
what has been written on usenet regarding this topic. I see a lot of
explanations about the problems of black americans, but they are always
directed outward, at other people: it's always *their* fault. Not once have
I seen any comment about what *we* need to do. It's always what *they* need
to do. Do you see my point? I'm saying that's a major part of the problem
right there: a denial of responsibility, which leads directly to the
problems afflicting inner-city america - breakdown of the family, drug
abuse, lack of education and crime.

>Furthermore, what makes you think
>"white people" can't at least help to change the way blacks feel about
>themselves, or the police, or the government for that matter.

I wouldn't say that; I wouldn't be participating in this discussion if I
didn't think it possible to make positive changes. In fact, I'm saying that
the change can be made simply by a change in attitude. A decision to assume
personal responsibility for the betterment of society can make a huge
difference in the life of an individual. Such a decision implies, first of
all, taking responsibility for ones own actions and ones own life. That
attitude seems to be lacking.

>And, for your information, the "black community" is not "a community", but a
>convenient socialogical construct.

True. But convenience is important. Many american blacks feel that their
identity is heavily associated with their color. Race is more important to
blacks than it is to whites.

>>I agree. But I think the only way the cycle can be broken is from within.
>>Farakhan has it right, in one sense: blacks need to do it for themselves.
>>If his message wasn't tainted with racism and hatred, farakhan could have
>>been a true leader, instead of a destructive demogogue. His advocacy of
>>self-reliance and discipline is certainly timely.

> Perhaps, but I would still like to see the evidence you have to
>suggest that _the only_ way the cycle could be broken is from within. I
>woiuld like to see your evidence that the cycle could be broken at all. I'm
>not saying that it can't, just that you haven't made a convincing argument
>for the idea that it can.

Well, many blacks have made the transition to a non-racial existance; that
is, they live their lives as americans, as people, and the fact that they
have darker-than-average skins is no big deal. That seems like a reasonable
and eminantly possible goal.

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