Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

Bruce D. Scott (
27 Apr 1995 16:09:34 GMT

Ben Weiner ( wrote:

: This is not just garbage, it's insulting to the memory of so many
: Soviet scientists who were murdered or imprisoned for holding beliefs
: unpopular with Stalin's pets. Robert, even if you think advocates of
: your pet theory are being driven out of the profession, I defy you to
: name me any astronomers (or other scientists) in the US who have been
: physically harmed as a result of attacking "big bang" theories.

Yes, quite a few of us by now in physics and other fields have met
colleagues from the former Soviet Union and learned about things like this
first-hand. Quacks cease to be just quacks when they slander people who
really put their livelihood on the line during those dark times.

Maybe Robert confuses "physical harm" with "people stopped listening", not
so much unlike certain people who see a conspiracy when they were denied
major-league funding (note well: this is not the same thing as losing one's

: Lysenkoism was never a "common" term in science. Or at least, it
: shouldn't have been. It should be reserved for those cases where
: it means something. If you overuse a comparison to great evil,
: eventually the evil is spoken of as if it were mundane.
: Look at how a certain US Rep called liberal Democrats "Stalinist"
: a few months ago ...

And how scientologists like to compare themselves to the Holocaust victims
simply because their organisation lost its status as a religion in

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