Re: matriarchal cultures

Jim C Clearman (
Thu, 27 Apr 95 01:33:49 -0500

Carmella V. Greacen <> writes:

>>I recently had an argument with a friend (at least, I think he's still one)
>>in which I postulated that a number of indigenous or primitive or
>>however-you-want-to-describe-them cultures that are not based on
>>Judeo-Christianity were matriarchal. I don't mean that women were doing
>>_everything_, but rather, that women had more decision-making power, or
>>were at least equal to men in this respect. Of course, being cursed with a
>>big mouth and only vague memories of magazine articles and PBS shows that
>>(I think) support me, I was totally incapable of coming up with an actual
>>example or two. Since this guy is able to quote every word of the bible by

Regarding Matriarchal cultures,

I also opened my mouth in a recent discussion of the male/female power
disparity (an ethics class). I pointed out that several Matriarchal cultures
exist in the modern world, and that these cultures tended to be rather violent
and aggressive. But, when pr
essed I was unable to remember any concrete examples. Any examples you folk
can remember?

Jim Clearman