Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

youssef (
Wed, 26 Apr 1995 12:38:32 -0400

In article <3nkf09$>, (Gary Strand) wrote:

> vb> Vernon Ballard (maybe [youssef])
> vb> [...] I don't condone, encourage, engage in, or support "black violence",
> in fact I don't condone any violence. But as a black man in America, when
> one of my brothers goes wrong a part of me respectfully understands.
> He's a "brother"? Why? Is there something about American "blackness" that
> it cannot withstand criticism or disapproval from within? And what do you
> understand? That frustration can lead to violence, perhaps justifies it in
> some way, or removes responsibility for the act?

What did I ever say to make you think that I am not critical of
"black violence-- from what I've said so you can at best infer that
I respond passively to it. I EMPATHIZE with them because we share
a common history in a society which is institutionally racially
biased (women have a similar history on gender grounds).

> Those guys that it seems blew up the OKC federal building are white, yet I
> feel no connection with them at all, only anger, revulsion, and a desire
> for terrible revenge. I certainly don't call them "brother".

That's probably because you don't share their history.

your serve, Gary.