Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

27 Apr 1995 13:32 CDT

In article <>, (Gil Hardwick) writes...
>In article <>, JAMES BENTHALL ( writes:
>>Just to correct a common misunderstanding. The Big Bang did not explode
>>"into" anything--there was no "space" to explode into. The Big Bang (it
>>is theorized) "created" the space as the expansion occurred. When we are
>>looking at quasars millions of light-years distant receding from us, they
>>are not receding "into" space, rather *the space between us is expanding*!
>>We are stationary and the quasar is stationary, but the space between us
>>is expanding!
>What a silly idea. Not surprising at all that the mind boggles trying
>to get a grip on it.

This is called a "refutation from incredulity." I can assure you that
many people with PhD's in astrophysics (such as my former astronomy
professor) find the above credible.

>Ah, James, let me ask you what is space but a whole lot of nothingness
>to start with?

Thats correct, space is mostly nothingness--unless it is filled by the
elusive "dark matter".

>Are you arguing that this primordial Big Bang created a whole lot of
>new nothingness

yes, this is the picture

>as it expanded into the old nothingness

according to the theory, there was no old nothingness. It *created*
the space as it expanded. Read Weinberg's _The First Three Minutes_ and
I'll read Zukav.