Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

Richard Ottolini (stgprao@sugarland.unocal.COM)
27 Apr 1995 13:19:11 GMT

>>In Timothy Ferris' book _Coming of Age in the Milky Way_ he relates a
>>story that the inventor of Inflation Theory said (I forgot his name):
>>"It doesn't really take a lot of matter to replicate the conditions at
>>the time of the Big Bang, but it does take a lot of pressure to replicate
>>the density. In fact, if technology was advanced enough to apply enough
>>pressure, it probably wouldn't take over 5 pounds of matter. For all we
>>know, this universe may have been created in someone's basement!"

There have been several science fiction stories on this theme.
I read one 25 years ago, but forgot the title and author.
It had the plot mechanism of simultaneous trying for the speed of
light and absolute zero inside an accelerator, and accidently
creating a microuniverse bigbang inside a magnetic bubble as a result.
(There is a contradiction in the definition of temperature here :-)
Outsiders could use special microscopes to look inside to watch
the evolution of intelligence. TIme moved faster in this microworld,
so the inhabitants evolved very fast and eventually figured how to break out.

An Outer Limits episode had almost the same world-in-a-test-tube plot,
but the mechanism for this was modeled after the Miller life
chemical soup experiment.