Re: The American Civil War

Jatts (
26 Apr 1995 07:14:01 -0400

It is my understanding that the Civil War was about states rights. The
South was losing its ability to determine its own destiny and the destiny
of the nation. Congress, which had been dominated by the southern states
for years, was changing in the northern states favor. Despite Northern
promises that the existing slave states would be allowed to own slaves
forevermore, the South understood that such promises could be easily
broken when anti-slavery votes become more powerful. One should also
consider that since no new states would be allowed to have slaves (and
there was a lot of states yet to be created) it was only a matter of time
before the slave-South would be a weak minority indeed.

States rights? Sure. The states rights to own and sell slaves. All other
differences between the north and south could easily have found a
diplomatic resolution.

Back to you guys.
Kevin R. Muldoon
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