Re: The Flat Earth?

Robert Roosen (
Tue, 25 Apr 1995 18:17:05 GMT

Andrew Skolnick ( wrote:
: In <> (Robert Roosen)
: writes:
: >
: >The flat earth theory was disproven experimentally in 1492 by
: Christopher
: >Columbus. He set out on a voyage of discovery with five ships. Only
: two
: >of them fell off the edge. It was a close thing.

: Sorry Robert, but you got your facts wrong. Those two ships didn't fall
: off the edge of the earth. They disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle.

: -- Andrew Skolnick

Wow. So once again a theory was proven even though the data were
Of course, if people would stop calling it the Bermuda Triangle
and start calling it the Sargasso Sea again, the mystery of the missing
ships would be explained.
NSF, here comes my application