Marko (
25 Apr 1995 14:59:04 GMT (Una Smith) wrote:
> Please stop CROSSPOSTING replies in this and similar threads. If
> you must reply, please post *only* to the *first* group in the
> newsgroups line. Thanks,

Rather than posting to the *first*, perhaps arbitrarily selected group
in the newsgroups line, post *only* to *relevant* groups, as the
*first* on the newsgroups line may not be at all *relevant*. CROSS-
POSTING to *relevant* groups is not a sin, since any descent news-
server will carry only one copy of a crossposted article. SPAMMING is
sending to different newsgroups *separately*, which is a *bad* thing
wasting a lot of disk space, and also quite different from CROSS-
POSTING. So a better advice would be: Please stop CROSSPOSTING to
irrelevant groups. If you must reply, reply *only* to *relevant*
groups deleting irrelevant groups from the newsgroups line. Thanks,

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