Re: If god exists, what created god?

Dan Drake (
24 Apr 1995 18:35:16 GMT

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y Senechal) writes:
>Matel created God, and they still hold the patent on it/him/her.
>As an interesting aside, with the advent of the digitised Bible, you
>can now perform a "search and replace" on the Bible and make yourself
>God. Then print out a bunch of copies and keep them in "nuclear
>proof" containers, so that after the great nuclear holocaust,
>survivors will find the texts and build new religions worshiping you.
>There's a book about this... I think it's called _A Canticle For
>Leibowitz_... author's name escapes me.

Huh?? Is this the same Canticle for Leibowitz that I read a few decades ago?
Because when I read it, it was perfectly 100% clear that Leibowitz was a
saint, not a God; all the characters in the book understood that what he
had done was to preserve the Old Learning (in this case, scientific documents
thatwere revered but not understood) as the world went into the post-nuclear
dark age. Correction: at the start of the book he is _not_ a saint, and a
major part of the plot involves the effort at canonization. (Another piece
is the revival of understanding of what the Holy Blueprints meant.)

A fine book, but if you're looking for anti-religious satire, don't look for
it in a book that appealed to C. S. Lewis.

BTW what the Hell (proper noun) is this silly discussion doing in

Dan Drake