Re: Religion: definition of

frank acton (
Thu, 20 Apr 95 22:49:12 -0500

Someday I need to learn how one quotes portions of a thread one
responds to. I too believe the Net is full of some pretty
juvenile stuff, and also love to get into this subject.
However, I am studying for my licensing exam and can't do much.
Let me please get in that I also have somewhat of a
functionalist view of religion (I got that with the BA in
Anthro, Class of 78), that I also believe that much Although
not quite half) of what we have in terms of "human" nature is
truly hard-wired (I got that with the Psy D). I always wanted
to read "The origins of consciousness in the breakdown of the
bicameral mind" to see just how that fits in with my personal
biases. I can't understand how most people are so afraid of
the idea that some of our most concrete behaviors, and so also
the more core beliefs arising from them, are a result of
hard-wired thinking. Personally I find it comforting that
there may finally be a creative connection we all have through
the commonality of our consciousnesses which will allow us to
bridge a gap the phenomenologists thought impossible. I can't
promise I can contribute (and now you may wish I won't!), bit
I'll check in occasionally. Don't give up. Frank Acton