Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

Frank Forman (
23 Apr 1995 00:09:30 GMT

In <3nbmfb$> (Eric N Shook)
>I've been skipping over this topic for some time now. I should
>probably have continued to do so. It amazes me that there is such an
>absurd number of threads which relate in some way to rascism, bigotry,
>and prejudices against the skin. It obviously only reflects the size
>of the problem in at least America.
>However, what disturbs me most is this particular little topic line
>which seems just the same old expression of prejudice eeking out its
>useless existence, threading its way through the usenet. But, in as
>much as one would _think_ that it is only eventual that this subject
>will extinguish itself, I am now certain that it will not.
>One only needs to look at this particular expression of racism:
>"Is white racism necessarily all bad?" to see that it will sustain
>itself for quite some time. The only real answer to such a question is
>no, that it does not have any utility for those of us living in the
>modern world. Yes, that it is necessarily all bad. But, you see, the
>typical surfer will come upon the question as it is being discussed
>and enter into reading it in mid-stream. He will see that this
>question is a viable door of consideration towards other purportedly
>related topics, and then he will believe that somewhere we have
>previously discussed _at least_ one thing that would grant merit to
>rascism in _some_ form, in order that we were still able to so cooly
>discuss it at all.
>I read today that some gentleman had spoken in anger on this topic. I
>can respect that as much as you have been given respect for
>apologizing for that same anger. But, this topic _must_ include
>passion, or else we lose the truth behind the topic, that innocuous
>little question...Is....rascism....bad? YES. It is bad. Point blank
>Period. This must be treated with boldly. It must not be seperated
>from absolute discouragement. Yes, speak reasonably, and encourage
>peace. But, NO do not speak so cooly that your question is lost in
>posturing like "white...necessarily...all."

ARRRGH! I had started this thread, which seems to have become one of
the most popular ones in the Internet to date, to try to get an answer
to the question posed by the thread's title *and* to get some detailed
reasons why the proffered answer is the correct one. I was hoping, Sir,
as I was reading along, that here at last would come some reasons. I
was cruelly disappointed to get only your answer but not your reasons.
You merely said that racism has no "utility for those of us living in
the modern world." Pray, did it once upon a time *have* utility? Would
you say that religion *once* had utility but no longer does, yet
*somehow* (how?) lingers on? Why don't you make up for the lack of good
reasons the rest of us haven't supplied by giving us a substantial