Re: The Flat Earth?

Ben Weiner (
22 Apr 1995 21:35:13 -0400 (Madhudvisah dasa Swami) writes:

> (Richard A. Schumacher) wrote:

>[flat earth theory w/ North Pole at center deleted]

>> This is a troll, right? The South Pole has been continuously occupied
>> since 1958. It's the _North_ Pole which is only occasionally visited.

>I take your point about the South Pole having some people living
>there. It is certainly not completely vacant. My point is not,
>however, if there are people there, because of course there are, but
>would they notice? We see what we expect to see, there are so many
>examples. My point is if you travel to the South Pole and find nothing
>unusual, you arrive where you expect to and find your research centre
>or whatever, what need would you have to doubt your world view?

Madhudvisah, honey, I see you're posting from Australia. Have you
ever wondered why books and pictures of the moon and the stars which
are published in the northern hemisphere show a view which is quite
clearly upside-down, compared to what you see if you go outside at
night and look up? Think about it.

This article was egregiously crossposted. Followups have been set
to - although perhaps discussions of
flat earths belong in alt.sci.physics.old-theories, which regrettably
does not exist.