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Eric N Shook (
22 Apr 1995 20:18:06 GMT

jeff candy ( wrote:
: I was interested in a summary of well-established differences
: in male/female behaviour (that which appears NOT to be the
: result of socialization)

I believe that most Anthropologists would be of the point of view that
there are no human behaviors that are not a result of
socialization/enculturation. Therefore any behaviors that you would be
looking for are a result of physiologically.

I must conclude that what you are really looking for is any information
that cannot be overturned by somebody arguing that "[it] is not an
inherent difference," or that "[it] is a learned difference." Well,
my only point here will be that you really should research it
yourself, as you've bitten off a big topic, which I'm certain you
detected after only a few rounds of furious debate on that singles

as well as more fundamental differences
: in physiology (for example, I recall reading about spatial
: metabolic differences in male/female brains quite recently).

: The request follows an ongoing debate on regarding
: differences in how men and women view relationships, intimacy
: and (of course) sex. Lately, my arguments have been based
: largely on personal experience and intuition -- and many of my
: claims regarding specific differences meet with the old "all
: people are different and any gender-related biases are the
: result of socialization" crap.

Well, propose any that aren't, and around here most folks will explain
why they are...with few exceptions, and those mostly all being based
in physiology.....such as, wider hips, child bearer...etc.

: Any and all "scholarly" information would really be appreciated!

: Jeff

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