Re: Do you think in language?

Gil Hardwick (
Sat, 22 Apr 1995 01:31:40 GMT

In article <3mg1o6$>, Kenneth B. Cadby ( writes:
>Thinking has emtional content too, eh? Words are often attached to my
>feelings, but if I wanted to find out where thought can happen without
>words, I'd look at emotions. Sex works fine without words, IMHO.
>Meanwhile, I think of language in a human brain as something like a
>programming language on a computer. The computer can do a heck of a lot
>more processing when it's good syntax, semantics, etc. In fact, I'd go so
>far as to speculate that language is a pretty unnatural thing for a human
>brain to be bound to. Sure, there are 'language centers' in the brain, but
>I'll bet Mother Nature didn't have even the slightest notion of what (for
>example) the word 'relativity' really meant until she grew an Einstein.

Seems much easier and far more enjoyable for humans to think in images
than in language.

Notice how bored an audience can get sitting there listening to the
monotonous spoken word for hours on end. Notice how they spark up with
a few good graphics and colour photographs, and with an enthusiastic
performance from the lecturer.

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