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> > This is a lot better because it makes the whole Northern Hemisphere
> > exactly as we have observed it... Things only get tricky when you
> > go "down under". We now have a North Pole exactly as we have
> > observed it and we also have a South Pole -- which is no longer a
> > point but a rugged icey mountainous region surrounding the whole
> > planet. If you think about it there hasn't been so much exploration
> > down there -- there's really no reason to go there. There are some
> > Antarctic weather and research stations down there but that's about
> > it.
> This is a troll, right? The South Pole has been continuously occupied
> since 1958. It's the _North_ Pole which is only occasionally visited.

I take your point about the South Pole having some people living
there. It is certainly not completely vacant. My point is not,
however, if there are people there, because of course there are, but
would they notice? We see what we expect to see, there are so many
examples. My point is if you travel to the South Pole and find nothing
unusual, you arrive where you expect to and find your research centre
or whatever, what need would you have to doubt your world view?


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