Re: zoosexual cave art anywhere?

Stephen Wray (
22 Apr 1995 13:24:30 GMT

> >Sex with animals has, historically, played a role in ritual and ceremony in
> >-- for example -- Pharaonic Egypt.
> I've never heard of this. Can you explain? The animals which figured in
> egyptian mythology - ibis, jackel, crocodile, cat, bull - seem poorly
> suited to this kind of action.

Supposedly, a priestess performed ******** on a goat on "new years

I confess that my egyptology isn't that hot though.

There are certainly a great many sideways references to bestiality in
the classics -- or at least some kind of sexual contact is implicit.

Europa & the bull, Leda & the swan, and so forth.

Apuelius, "the Golden Ass" is an example from the mid-late classical

In the bible "man who lies with an animal shall surely die" (and if he
dosn't lie with an animal, he won't die?).

Considering the disregard with which animal welfare has been held over
the last few centuries, one can scarcely believe that animal welfare
has been behind the illegality of bestiality. It seems that there is
something about the topic which strikes moral terror into people.

This phenomena itself is one worthy some thought -- why should
bestiality provoke such a consistent reaction? And was it ever not so?
Are the reports of cultures in which bestiality took place in a
controlled, socially sanctioned way accurate?

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