Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

Donald Edwards (
20 Apr 1995 22:24:10 -0700

Robert Hartman ( wrote:

"I've said elsewhere that I'd love to hear of a better approach <than AA>.
"I've also said that doing nothing is not a better approach. So I'd love to
"see some suggestions from anti-AA folks for other methods that actually
"do address the problem in a measurable way.

Well, the most successful method, around the world in numerous experiments,
involving many different combinations of race, religion, tribe, etc.,
is for the government to:

(1) abolish all laws and policies *enforcing* bigotry of any kind, or
even *acknowledging* the basis of the division...

(2) police *itself* and *its own agents* to insure that the government
does not act in a bigoted manner...

(3) aside from that, DO NOTHING!

Every alternative to this course which has been tried to date, has
caused an *increase* in the social and economic disparity; quite
a few have caused an *increase* in the crime rate; a lot have caused
actual large-scale inter-group violence, and several have led to
outright civil war.

Read in the news about the mess in Sri Lanka in the last few years?
Check back: the predecessor to war was an Affirmative-Action-type
program. Oddly, in spite of the rhetoric in this newsgroup, it was
the minority which Affirmative Action was supposed to benefit, which
found it necessary to take up arms. (Or not so oddly, if you look
at precisely *who* in the US benefits from Affirmative Action.)