Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

John Otteson (
19 Apr 1995 17:05:40 GMT

In article <3n1pr7$>, (Robert Hartman) writes:
|> ....
|> These are some fine choices here. How about recognizing the evil in white
|> racism and recognizing the evil in black-on-black fratricide as well?
|> How about if the white people work on the issue of white racism and the
|> black people work on the issue of black-on-black fratricide?
|> How about if the white people show some class by working on white
|> racism regardless of whether black people appear to be working on
|> black-on-black fratricide? After all, the fact that some black
|> people may mistreat each other is no excuse for white people to
|> continue mistreating them, is it?

Beautiful, Mr. Hartman! You say it so much better than I do. Yes,
there are problems in the black community, but the focus of whites
should be on their own role in the drama.

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