Re: Emotional Plague

Greg Stevens (
Wed, 19 Apr 95 15:42:16 GMT

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>It should come as no surprise, in a society where Androphobia is the one
>"respectable" form of bigotry, that the suicide rate of male teen-agers ranks
>FOUR TIMES HIGHER than that of females.

Or, this could just be because males have a greater tendancy to commit
violent acts, whether against themselves or against others. Male-committed
homocides are also greater than female-committed homocides.

>In the early '20s, when people are grappling most painfully with sex role
>identity, the male suicide rate soars to SIX TIMES THAT OF FEMALES.

But this was long before political correctness or "androphobia" as you
call it, which you seem to be blaming for the current (yet LOWER)

>If anybody cares to argue that Androphobia plays no role in these awful
>statistics, just imagine a society in which red-heads, instead of some
>traditional minority, were stigmatized as mentally inferior, emotionally
>unstable, probably criminal etc. Would you feel surprised to find a high
>suicide rate among red-heads in such an environment?

Males aren't societally stigmatized. Give it a rest. I'm so very sorry
that you see giving up a superior position in society as descrimination.
Basically, when it comes right down to it, feminism, etc., MIGHT have to
do with increased male suicide rates. But that's just because males have
become horribly spoiled. Not because there is an injustice in the feminist,
PC, or any related movement.

Greg Stevens