Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

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20 Apr 1995 01:13:40 GMT

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Camilleri) writes:
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>>>>> Again, I see lots of nit-picking and NO evidence that there
>>>>> are no innate psychological differences among the various
>>>>> subdivisions of man.
>>>I am still looking for this evidence!
>I heard a theory some years back that seemed to made some sense
>to me. It attributed white man's achievements to the idea that he had
>learned to utilize his right brain more than others.
>Before language the right and left brains were mirror images of each
>but after language the right brain development was sacrificed as the
>side concentrated on language and its development. Due to the living
>conditions that white men faced - such as having a family completely
>dependent on him alone, he began to develop the right brain which
>eventually led to his excellence in math and science.
>Those living in tribal situations where food gathering was a team
>effort and women who stayed behind to nurture the children did
>not develop the right brain to the same extent.
>Eileen Camilleri
>excellence in math and science.
This is certainly interesting stuff, and I'd like to know more
about it. I read somewhere that I too cannot remember that there is a
group of subspecialist called psychological anthropologists who have
looked at tools and have tried to date when tool use became visibly
right-handed through their patterns of wear. Now when I started this
thread, I posted it to sci.anthropology among several other groups. I
hope someone who is reading this thread through that group is an expert
that can answer the question. My poor memory says 100,000 years ago.
But even if much more recently, I should think there would have been
plenty of time for selective effects to take have taken place and that
your theory would not lend much support to racial equality today. In
fact, your theory may support a thesis that any gene-culture
co-evolution regarding hemisphere dominance has resulted in a spiraling
process of racial widening. As I said in an earlier post on this
thread, Rushton's thesis about climatic changes driving racial
differentiation is probably only one of many such factors. It's a
fascinating subject!