Re: private practice anthro'-clinical anthro'

Gil Hardwick (
Wed, 19 Apr 1995 03:37:35 GMT

In article <3mr2pj$>, Bterr ( writes:
>I practiced anthropology clinically for over a decade. The field is much
>more complex and interesting than you imagine. However, first you must
>learn a great deal about psychiatry, psychology, medicine,
>psychopharmacology, etc. before you can add the anthro. The end result
>was that many patients were helped.

Indeed! It is no mere chance that those anthropologists who have
finally stamped their name on the profession, in any of its manifold
branches, have done so only during their latter years; a circumstance
only very partially attributable to the gullibility of cloistered

Similarly, Aboriginal elders typically refer to teenagers as "know-
nothings", although Westerners become outraged at such a suggestion as
rude in the extreme. Much to their own detriment . . .

Suffice that considerable knowledge, sufficient to be of any use to
anybody, takes literally decades of very hard work to accumulate.

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