Re: Botanical Family Planning and the Phillipines
Tue, 18 Apr 95 23:33:43 +400

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>> We are a group of graduate students currently working on a program to
>>increase the acceptability of family planning meaasures in the Philippines. We
>>are particularly interested in the use of botanical or indigenous methods in
>>both urban and rural areas. We are also investigating the hypothesis that
>>rural Filipino women could be better integrated into the National Population
>>Program if herbal, natural or indigenous methods were promoted by the
>> Does anyone know if current research on these methods is being
>>conducted and which indigenous/botanical methods show the most promise?

Why don't you do a medline search for herbal contraceptives,
abortifacents used in the Philippines? Also consider looking in Econmomic
Botany, Ethnobiology etc. After that you will need to evaluate what compounds
are being used, if they are clinically efficatious and so forth.

Of course I would plan to visit and collect some observational data,
and conduct informal interviews to get a handle on what the percieved barriers
to family planning measures prior to testing the a prioi assumption that
natural or indigenous methods are likely to be accepted.

Good luck!!

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