Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

Travis C. Porco (porco@pathos.Berkeley.EDU)
10 Apr 1995 07:04:28 GMT

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Lane Singer <> wrote:
>In <> (Mr. Nice Guy)
>>Of course as a woman Lane is for AA. After all she benefits from
>>the discrimination against white males. Many people, Lane
>>included, are for AA because they benefit from discrimination.
>Having never derived anything from AA, nor even been within
>100 miles of it, I'd have to say that your cluelessness is
>showing. Did it ever occur that many people support programs from
>which they, personally, derive no benefit, other than that they
>care about the coutry and the future, and have been living in
>the real world long enough to know that a future worth reaching
>for requires more than just the extreme selfishness of whiny white

Actually I thought his point was quite clever. We've had a
lot of smirking about how selfish we White European-American
Male (Imperialist world-devouring oppressors of all the
children of the world, or whatever)
are for despising government discrimination. He turned it
back on the quota supporters very effectively.

And yes, lots of people support programs that they derive no
benefit from, or which are positively harmful to themselves.
As they should when the programs are fair.

And a lot of the people who support discrimination against
themselves on penitential grounds are white male milksops, too.
They've become milksops because they see themselves through
the eyes of those who hate them.

I'm all for penance; in many ways it is a fundamental human
need. Those of you who want to sacrifice yourselves for the
good of someone else you probably don't even know, and who
would certainly not do the same for you, go ahead. It's sad to
see, but do what you feel you need to.

But leave me out of it. I'll pay no debt I don't owe.


"The first thing philosophy undertakes to give is fellow
feeling with all men; in other words, sympathy and
--Annaeus Seneca, Epistolae Morales