9 Apr 1995 07:49:13 GMT

Howdy strangers! My name is Tom and I live in San Mateo. I am a single
26 year old guy currently working full time in the semiconductor
industry. I am just an average person who is interested in metaphysics
and the practical development of €untapped€ human potential. My general
interests include medical imaging technology, martial arts,
meditation..all types.. (Qi Gong--great for keeping your hands warm, and
possibly some other intriguing things...., Kundalini Yoga.....from
migranes to €enlightenment?!?€, creative visualization, mind over
matter....if you don€t €mind,€ does it really €matter?€, etc.), and
unusual €natural€ phenomenon. Basically, I€m interested in anything
that pertains to, or could be used to cultivate and/or study the
€untapped€ potential of the human condition. I would like very much to
find people in my age group (preferably....but this is not a
requirement) who would be interested in talking about, studying, and
perhaps even practicing such things.
Ideally, I would like to form a small to medium sized local group of
interested individuals from varied disciplinary backgrounds
(€disciplinary€ bondage & domination types need not apply
here.....although an engineer, accountant, anthropologist, or medical
practicioner might be nice....) and cultures; -- variety, as they say,
is the spice of life and the different points of view will be helpful to
us all. If you are interested in corresponding and/or meeting in the
local area, you can contact me at for more
information (pun intended....and yes it really is my internet

I look foreward to new friends, stimulating discourse, and an
interesting future...