Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

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4 Apr 1995 02:38:41 GMT

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: ss> Scott Sellers
: ss> I think it is important, however, to distinguish between the
: of today's affirmative action and the historically demonstrated societal
: discrimination against women and minorities in this country.
: Simply, societal discrimination was exclusionary. Minorities and women
: were flat out excluded from many economic and social spheres.
: Affirmative action attempts to address this historical (and continuing)
: exclusion with discrimination meant to include minorities and women in
: proportion to their percentage within the population.
: Via *exclusion* of non-women non-minorities, correct? And you imply quotas
: and percentages here, which AA proponents usually try to avoid.

there *are* fair and proper means of making affirmative action quotas and
percentages. it can be proven mathematically.

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