Re: Diasthema ???

Joni R Beaulieu (JRB8947@UTARLG.UTA.EDU)
9 Apr 1995 01:29:12 GMT

Peggy Hall ( wrote:
: Would like info on the diasthema - space in between two top front teeth.
: I've heard this is a genetic trait that appears in 5% of the world
: population. Where did it originate ? Is it predominant in any
: particular population ? Any purpose ?

The defination I know for a diastema is a gap between the lateral
incisor and canine. It is found in the Great Apes (chimps, gorillas,
bonobos, and orangs). The function of the gap is to allow room in
the upper teeth for the lower canine to fit when the faw is closed.
Diastemas are found In Australopithecus afarensis and begin to
disappear with the africanus species. I have not heard of any
Homo sapiens sapiens who have the gap between the incisor and canine.
As for a gap between the two incisors of the maxilla, many people
have that today. I don't know where it originated or which population
has this as a predominate feature. I had one that was corrected.
I am of french, german and scottish descent. I have heard that
certain Near Eastern cultures view this as a gift from Allah and
the person with this is blessed.
Anyone else heard of any info on this subject? I'd be interested
to hear...