Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

Donald Edwards (
15 Apr 1995 22:20:11 -0700

John Otteson ( wrote:
"In article <3mjvv7$>, (Gary Strand) writes:
"|> ....
"|> In short, there are reasons for why things are they way that they are, and
"|> radically altering society and its institutions based on questionable ideas
"|> of human behavior and human interaction without taking those reasons into
"|> account invites a big mess.

"You could argue this about virtually every step of progress humanity has made
"in every arena of life. ALL HUMAN ACTIVITY IS PROBLEMATIC. So we should live
"in caves until we make sure we got everything just right?

No, but we should think about what we are doing, and allow for the
possibility that we might be wrong.

If the first people to move out of caves had died... there were still
people living in caves.

If Affirmative Action is proven to make things worse, not better... how
much of our society has not *already* been made worse? Very little,
because Affirmative Action was imposed to some degree on virtually
the entire US, by government decree backed with force of arms.