Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

Gary Strand (
4 Apr 1995 03:53:07 GMT

mm> mellow mike
gs> Gary Strand

gs> [I]f Mr. X is part of an officially-defined minority group, and gets a job
he wouldn't otherwise get because of AA, solely because of his minority
status, then he'd probably call AA "good" racism, at least in his narrow
view of things.

mm> all racism is bad.

Including "Uncle Tom"-ism and Jesse Jackson's "hymietown" remark?

mm> affirmative action is not racist.

If that's the definition, then of course it isn't. But what do you call a
program that excludes some individuals for consideration of a position on
a solely racial basis? "Racial", but not "racist", right? I disagree. But I
bet you know that.

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