Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

John Otteson (
13 Apr 1995 16:16:49 GMT

In article <3mhgga$>, (Gary Strand) writes:
|> jo> John Otteson
|> jo> Please explain "black self-victimization" to me. What is it and where
|> does it come from (ie. what causes it)?
|> It's a relatively complicated phenomenon, which is revealed by several symp-
|> toms, including:
|> (a) very high teenager-pregnancy and "illegitimacy" rates;
|> (b) black-on-black crime, particularly youth crime;
|> (c) exploitation of black oppression by black civil rights groups and lead-
|> ers (ie, if blacks weren't disproportionately poor and underrepresented
|> politically these guys wouldn't have the power they do);
|> (d) dismissal of mainstream culture as "white" culture, so mainstream values
|> and viewpoints are avoided (ie, "acting white" and "Uncle Tom"-ism);
|> (e) substitution of ideological dogma for factual knowledge (eg, Afrocentrism
|> and the "black" version of history and slavery).
|> There's more, but these are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.
|> As for causes, well, I wouldn't necessarily blame white racists for every-
|> thing. White didn't invent the notion that the ancient Egyptians were ac-
|> tually black, as was Beethoven, and that the New World had been explored
|> many centuries before Columbus, nor this whole "Ice People"/"Sun People"
|> nonsense. Nor are whites concerned with being "sufficiently white".

You've told me what are *not* the causes. What *are* the causes?