Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

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4 Apr 1995 02:40:05 GMT

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: ss> Scott Sellers
: gs> Gary Strand
: ss> How about giving an example of good, or even benign racism?
: gs> AA is "good" racism for non-whites, in the short term. What's needed is an
: AA for something other than race, so po' white trash has a chance, rather
: than just blacks, Hispanics, &c. 'Course, there's more racism than the KKK
: or the Louis Farrkhan variety - there's the condescending liberal variety
: too. So an example of "good" racism depends on what "racism" is, and who
: gets to define what is "good", right?
: ss> Right. Actually, I think you've made a good case against affirmative ac-
: tion, in that it cuts along racial vs economic lines, thereby
confusing the
: real source of inequality and misery in our society.
: What is this "real source"?
: ss> Chalk one up for bad racism.
: Well, if Mr. X is part of an officially-defined minority group, and gets a
: job he wouldn't otherwise get because of AA, solely because of his minority
: status, then he'd probably call AA "good" racism, at least in his narrow
: view of things.

all racism is bad. affirmative action is not racist.

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