Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

Donald Edwards (
15 Apr 1995 22:13:20 -0700

John Otteson ( wrote:
"|> jo> You've told me what are *not* the causes. What *are* the causes?
"|> Power-seeking civil rights leaders and organizations; liberal do-gooders who
"|> are condescendingly racist; destruction of the black two-parent family by a
"|> "hey, I got no responsibility for anyone but me" attitude; welfare depend-
"|> ency.

"The cause & effect relationships are not obvious here. Would you explain the
"connection between liberals and all the problems you listed. Also, what is
"the cause of the "hey, I got no responsibility for anyone but me" attitude?

Mostly, welfare dependency and the civil-rights leaders (including liberal
do-gooders) who say "Society OWES it to you..." and "You never had a