Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

Donald Edwards (
15 Apr 1995 21:40:37 -0700

Gary Strand ( wrote:
" As for causes, well, I wouldn't necessarily blame white racists for every-
" thing. White didn't invent the notion that the ancient Egyptians were ac-
" tually black, as was Beethoven, and that the New World had been explored
" many centuries before Columbus, nor this whole "Ice People"/"Sun People"

Actually, there is good reason to believe that the "New World" had been
*visited* by Europeans and Africans prior to Columbus... in fact, there
is good reason to suspect that Columbus was personally aware of at least
two of these visits. (Namely: evidence suggests that one of the captains
of Columbus' first trip had been on one of the earlier trips; and also
Columbus included on his maps, accurately, an island which he never
claimed to have been near and which his logs indicates he wasn't near, and
named it after a certain Irish priest... the priest in question, Brendan,
is the author of a tale, assumed to be allegorical, wherein he describes
a long sea voyage to a tropical island and back... and accurately
describes the same island...)