Please help Cyclists fight HIV/AIDS

Albert Leong (71510.2466@CompuServe.COM)
15 Apr 1995 20:24:16 GMT

My name is Albert. I am HIV negative and do NOT know of any
friends with AIDS. I am a cyclist. And, I work in an office.
On May 14, I will be joining 600 cyclists from the SF Bay
Area & 1000 from L.A. to ride my bicycle 525 miles from San
Francisco to Los Angeles to raise funds to fight AIDS. The
California AIDS Ride 2 is a benefit for the San Francisco & LA
AIDS Foundations. The SF AIDS Foundation makes a real difference
for people struggling to stay alive. They provide temporary
housing to men, women, & families who have lost their homes due
to their prolonged illness. They operate a hotline that answers
over 100,000 calls a year, directing people with referrals for
food, treatment, and group support. They publish educational
material for the schools and the public to try to stop the number
of new cases from rising every year. AIDS is now the #1 killer of
men aged 25-45 in the US.
To be a cyclist in California AIDS Ride 2, I have agreed to
raise $2,200 by May 1995. I've made a big commitment and need
your help. With your tax deductible contribution of $25, $50 or
$100, $500+, you will help towards saving peoples lives, and
prevent young people from becoming infected.
Call (415) 252-RIDE (7433) today for more information or a
pledge form. Or you can send a check payable to: "The San
Francisco AIDS Foundation." Mail to: Aids Ride 2, Rider 397 S,
2261 Market Street #190, San Francisco, CA 94114. THANK YOU!!!