Re: Caves in Southern France

Benjamin Jay Britton (
6 Apr 1995 23:42:43 -0400

the french ministry of culture has a set of pages on the www.
time magazine, february 13 issue is quite pictorial...

but this just in from france...!

Edition Speciale
Science & Vie Paris Match
La Grotte de la Combe d'Arc

La vie de nos ancetres il y a 20 000 ans
toutes les photos des chefs-d'oeuvre que vous ne verrez jamais


Lascaux still stands proudly as the most magnificent.
and i await the detailed reports of the datings in the new cave.

but the drawings, the use of light and shadow, they are modern in
style, magnificent, masterful and emotive. if the cave is real,
and i would like an international team of experts to verify this,
it is a magnificent find which sheds more light on the nature of
our lives as human beings on this plane of existence than has been
shed, imho, for many years.

i have heard, sorry to say, that m. marcel ravidat, discoverer
of the cave of lascaux, has recently passed away. if this is
so he is bid adieu with a grateful wave.