Re: If god exists, what created god?

Robert Roosen (
Sat, 15 Apr 1995 02:54:22 GMT

Paul Schlyter ( wrote:
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: > God does not exist! No questions!
: GOD is REAL ..... unless declared INTEGER .....
: :-)
What, no imaginary component?

This "God", as I understand it, is a term that Einstein made
popular in his discussions with other physicists. I heard that when
Einstein said, "Der lieber Gott nicht werfelt," (God doesn't shoot
craps with the universe), Niels Bohr finally told Einstein, "Stop telling
God what to do".
More to the point, is this God's first attempt at creating a
universe, or is God experienced at this?
As an observer, I need to know one thing:
What type of equipment and units of measurement did Einstein
apply in his observations of God?
The solar constant is about 1.93 calories per square centimeter
per minute at the earth's mean distance from the sun. Do the followers
of Galileo consider this a manifestation of God's love?
Without units of measurement and some sort of supporting theory,
God is really nothing more than the old line, "I can't explain it in
physical terms. I'll have to show you the mathematics." That, by the
way, is generally the place where the theory fails. All of the
cosmological theories have places like that in them. Hence, God is the
glue that keeps cosmologists together :)

Perhaps Einstein was actually referring to his
confidence that the universe contains principles of order that we have
yet to discover.