Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

Arun Gupta (
Sat, 15 Apr 1995 14:53:26 GMT

Another example of Rushtonian "science", this from Gregg Easterbrook,
a journalist.

Quote :

The Bell Curve makes a point of praising Rushton as "not ...a crackpot".
But a crackpot is precisely what Rushton is. He believes that among
males of African, European and Asian descent, intellect and genital
size ae inversely proportional, and that evolution dictated this
outcome in an as-yet-undetermined manner.

Sound like something the sixteen-year-olds at your high school
believed ? That should not stop Rushton or any researcher from
wondering if there might have been different selection pressures
on different racial groups.

But Rushton's "research" methods, defended by The Bell Curve as
academically sound, are preposterous.

For instance, Rushton has conducted surveys at shopping malls, asking
men of different races how far their ejaculate travels. His theory
is the farther the gush, the lower the IQ.

Set aside the evolutionary absurdity of this. (Are we to presume that
in pre-history low-IQ males were too dumb to find pleasure in full
penetration, so their sperm had to evolve rocket-propelled arcs ?
Give me a break. )

Consider only the "research" standard here. Is it possible that one
man in a hundred actually knows, with statistical accuracy, the
average distance traveled by his ejaculate ?

End Quote

-arun gupta