Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

Lane Singer (
13 Apr 1995 06:41:06 GMT

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>>> Supply me with a definition ...
>>Fact is, I have given my simple definition of racism about 50 times
>>on this thread alone. Something tells me you can quote it back to
>Give it once more, please, and illustrate it by naming some people who
>are racists and who are not racists. If you use the word race in your
>definition of racist, you'd better define "race" also.

A Webster's unabridged (c1966) gives the following definition for the
English word "racism":

1: The assumption that psycocultural traits and capacities are
determined by biological race, and that races differ decisively
from one another, which is usually coupled with a belief in the
inherent superiority of a particular race and its right to dominate
over others 2a:a doctrine or political program based on the
assumption of racism and designed to execute its principles
b:a political or social system founded on racism 3:RACIALISM 1: