Re: What is Forbidden Archeology?

Al Wesolowsky (
12 Apr 1995 16:32:12 GMT

Govardhan Hill ( wrote:
: some readers asked, "What is Forbidden
: Archeology about?"
: To answer them and others who may have wondered, this
: review from the Journal of Field Archaeology nicely

Hardly a "review." This is just a blurb that accompanies each title in
the "New Books and Journals" listing in each issue of JFA. The grad
student handling the listing uses flap copy and advertising inserts to
swot up a short description of the work.

The book was submitted for consideration for review, as is each book
listed in the "Publications" section. Inclusion in the listing is
automatic, provided the work has some potential relevance to the study of
archaeology. This book was not chosen for review.

: summarizes it:
"Blurb" deleted.

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