Internet posting update: myth, neuropsychology, and social conflict

Jordan Peterson (
Mon, 10 Apr 1995 22:31:17 -0400

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Jordan B. Peterson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Harvard University Department of Psychology

I would like to announce the internet posting of a book-length manuscript
I have recently completed, entitled

The Gods of War: An Investigation into the Intrapsychic Bases of
Motivation for Social Conflict

This book can be accessed in total in a variety of manners. It is on the
world-wide web at

and can be accessed by a web-browser wuch as Mosaic or Netscape. At the
WWW site, it can be downloaded as one file or in chapters, or read as a

To FTP the manuscript, follow these instructions:

login as anonymous and use your email address as a password
cd pub
cd jbp

If you want a MS Word for Windosw v.2.0. version, type:

mget *.doc

If you want plain text files, type:

mget *.txt

The book describes why human beings are prone to violent intergroup
conflict, from the perspective of individual motivation. It presents a
novel interpretation of the structure and meaning of mythology, and
relates that structure to fundamental neuropsychological processes,
manifested in cognition and emotion.

I have placed the text on the internet for experimental purposes.

Technical problems with manuscript access can be described to Paul Bergen

Comments regarding the book, if any, can be sent to my alias at

I hope you find the information I am offering interesting and useful.