Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

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8 Apr 1995 08:19:40 -0600

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>I would substitute the word 'Lazy' for the word "poor" above.
>I also agree that to consider commonly found racist attitudes as
>psychological dysfunctions is not very rational. For one thing it
>trivializes bona-fide psychological dysfunctions. However, person's who
>whole life revolves around fear of other races, fantasized and real
>battles with persons because of race, etc, might be reasonably labled
>Psychological dysfunctions frequently are extreme manifestations of usual
>behaviors. The extreme manifestations lead to difficulties negotiating
>through the necessary mantainance of life. Also typical of dysfunctions
>are rigid ways of dealing with the world such that the person can't
>react to the normally encountered travails of life in a way that is
>truely responsive.

While using such big words does show that you are educated,
pretend to be so, or just show that you read the dictionary for
pleasure they also obscure your meaning. One of the primary
reasons for posting it to express ideas, the use of big words
unnecessarily obscures ideas that the writer is attempting to
express. Even more ironic is that none of the three misspelled
words in the included article was a big word.

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