Re: Mayan prediction of judgement day

Don Steehler (
27 Mar 1995 07:07:38 GMT

In article <3l40l8$>, says...
>In cultural anthropology I learned the Mayans predicted
>their own destruction as a civilization, and it happened.
>Now, they also predicted, as found by archaeologists,
>that the entire WORLD civilization would be destroyed
>on December 24, 2011!! That is when the three wheels
>of their time clock would re-align. What do you think?
>I can almost believe it, although I think Revelation
>is more accurate.
>LoriLee :-)
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_The Collapse of Complex Societies_ by Joseph Tainter

You may have an observation worth following up on. IMHO, the problem depends on how much oil and coal we suck
up, but can't replace at the same time that we're "dissolving" the sustaining layer of the earth's surface
(forests), as we continue to squeeze more of "our kind" into bigger mounds of transformed minerals (cities).
If you can get a rough idea of the numbers involved, you may have an answer that comes close. Jung's term
"synchronicity" might apply, in that case. Another interesting "coincidence."